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Allan, Dad and shop assistant:

Allan lives in Fifield with his wife, Cara. They moved to the area in 2007, after visiting the forest area and falling in love with it. He does woodworking and habitat work in mounts, accompanies Travis to shows, and does various running for the shop. Allan has hunted all his life, and loves to fish, hunt, and trap. With Travis, he was accomplished a long time dream of hunting a mountain lion. Both he and Travis successfully took cats in Idaho. 

Cara, Mom and Office Girl, bookkeeper, and assorted other things:

"Allan and I started searching for a new place to live in 2007. While out driving one day, we headed north up Hwy 13, and ended up in Fifield, and eventually out by the Covered Bridge. I instantly knew this is where I belonged. We often go for drives on the forest roads; the “tree tunnel” roads are my favorite. Our kids were born with a love of the outdoors and were raised with a respect for nature. Hunting is not only a past time for our family, but also a way of life."

Cara lives in Fifield with her husband, Allan. They also share their house with a Basset, Zuce, and Chihuahua, Zion. Also onboard are two cockatiels, Zee and Zulu. When not buried in paperwork…grandchildren, gardens and crocheting keep her happy.  

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National and World Award Winning Taxidermy Mount

​"I have always had an intense interest in art. So much so, that art teachers had a difficult time keeping me busy. I was also born into a hunting family and raised with a father who took me into the woods at a very young age. He pointed out details about animals that most people do not notice; how their ears and eyes move and the positions and movements of animals in their natural environment. This has given me an acute understanding of how to mount animals to look as natural as possible."

Travis lives in Park Falls with his wife, Charlotte, and their two dachshund “kids”. They enjoy kayaking and hiking with both of their schedules allow, and often travel to find scenic places to hike. On their honeymoon in Alaska, they hiked to the top of Mt. Travis loves being in the outdoors. He is an avid sportsman, with key emphasis on bow hunting.

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The Wild Woods Taxidermy Team

Wild Woods Taxidermy Studio LLC was established in 2007, and is located at the intersection of Hwys 13 & 70 in Price County. It is one of the “gateways” to the Chequamegan-Nicolet Forest. We are conveniently located on Hwy 70, close to the historic Post Office, Price County Historical Society, and the Fifield Fire Department.

We are located amongst almost a million acres in national, state, and county forest land in the heart of bear country.  Park Falls, just 5 miles north of us, is The Ruffed Grouse Capital of the World. There is an abundance of water arounds us. Price County has 174 lakes and 3 major rivers. Fifield is the home of the Smith Rapids covered bridge, the first covered bridge built in WI in over 100 years.

We are a full-service taxidermy that offers fish and replicas, birds and mammals. We have experience with African and exotic species.

  • Mounts are done to competition standards
  • We do complex customization with difficult form alterations
  • We pay extreme attention to detail, making our mounts as lifelike as possible
  • We do in house fiber glassing and woodworking
  • ​We have experience in large scale dioramas
  • Extensive references are kept on hand, and we are continually studying new techniques to stay as up to date in the market as we can. 
Award Winning Taxidermy Services

About Wild Woods Taxidermy Studio

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We are a National and World award winning taxidermist

Travis, Studio Owner and Operator:​​

Wild Woods Taxidermy Studio LLC
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